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Lib Dem 2016 Team

Lib Dem 2016 Team

From the left: Shehzad Hussain: Dewsbury West, Ednan Hussain: Team Manager, Dennis Hullock: Dewsbury East, Bernard Disken: Dewsbury South and John Dobson: Mirfield

Lib Dems get £3.1m more for our local Schools this year and introduce Free Meals for young childen. (click here for more)

St John Fisher High School

The local Lib Dem team are happy that the Lib Dems in Government have got more money to help our local schools.

Ednan Hussain says “The pupil premium is £1300 extra for every pupil on free school meals. This year the schools in Dewsbury Constituency will get an extra £3.1million to make sure every child achieves their full potential.”

Shehzad Hussain - Dewsbury West

Shehzad Hussain - Lib Dem Candidate

Local Lib Dem Candidate Shehzad Hussain came 2nd to Labour in 2015, and with your support will do better this Year!.

Tax Cuts for Ordinary Workers

£800 tax cut delivered

The Lib Dems are proud of taking many lower paid people out of tax whilst in Government 2010 to 2015.

The Torys favour tax cuts for the rich.

Labour would prefer to tax everyone as much as possible - then squander the money.

Save Our Library

Ravensthorpe Library

Shehzad Hussain is campaigning to stop Labour cutting the Greenwood Centre.

With the council facing large budget cuts the struggle to keep the Greenwood Centre open continues.

Shehzad Hussain says Local people remember Labour closed our other local libraries.